Abundant Life Christian Center Fellowship

Abundant Life Christian Center Fellowship
Mission Statement

  To actively seek and save those who are lost at any cost. 

​​Abundant Life Christian Center Fellowship
Vision Statement

To establish seedling churches.

To educate those seeking employment to acquire the necessary skills to become gainfully employed and to open businesses.

To train and educate men, women and children to become disciples for Christ and developing and maintaining a healthy temple.


The Church to begin an after-school program and to open a Christian school to educate our youth from Kindergarten through 12th grade in preparation to move forward into college.

The Church to own properties to assist those who are experiencing difficulties in establishing themselves; educating and assisting those who desire to become home owners.

Our Core Values

 Being relevant without compromising truth

Being unified while allowing individuality

Being receptive without forfeiting discernment

Being growth-oriented while maintaining a family connection